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Close to Home

from by Vienna Teng

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lay your head where they hold
hide the demarcations of your soul
and play your silent scream role
harmonize your own worth to what you’re shown
normalized and nowhere close to home

claim the truth that gets lost
in the miles of memory and open folds
so change these rules and let’s cross
all the sacred boundaries we’ve overgrown
build a brave new foundry close to home

here’s unbroken bone
it’s a psalm from the book of lies
language you don’t recognize as part of your own
leave that alone
leave that alone

this is the taste you were forever chasing
there is no way to contain it when it comes to set you off
accept the shame on some shaky basis
admit that you were mistaken about it after all
but oh the ache, the fantasy forsaken
the alien and adjacent you would give anything to take off
this is the claim that you’ll keep on making
this is the point of the breaking
here it comes to set you off

we won’t be sold
any song from your book of lies
language we don’t recognize as part of our own
leave us alone
leave us alone

pay them all to sign on
diagnose some fault line most will know
and raise your life a new dawn
tyrant of your cells now overthrown
never have you felt so close to home


from Aims, released September 24, 2013
Produced by Cason Cooley and Vienna Teng




Vienna Teng Detroit, Michigan

Wrote code, then wrote songs, then wrote papers. Released a new album, Aims, in September 2013. Love this life, and pronounless sentences.

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